One of the blogs I came across a little while ago listed her 5 favorite feelings.  I’ve been a little down in the dumps this weekend since I found out I’m having surgery on Tuesday, but thinking of these made me feel way better!  

  1. Riding down a hill on my bike as fast as I can
  2. Performing with my friends with 80 brass players wailing behind me
  3. Going for a night run the first day of the year that it’s warm, and laying on the ground afterwards looking at the stars
  4. Hearing a new piece of music that gets you so excited that you can’t sit still
  5. Running around like crazy outside, rolling down hills, and mountain climbing with my dad when the weather gets nice

I don’t do nearly enough of these things on a regular basis.  Hopefully this year I get to spend a lot more time outside!   What would be on your list?