… I have mono.  Thank you, doctors, for realizing this two months after I caught it.  Thank you for informing me that I may feel fatigued, drowsy, achy, not hungry, and generally weak and ill.  I HAVE ALREADY FELT ALL OF THESE THINGS FOR TWO MONTHS.  Thank you, mono, for completely ruining my treatment plan and making me scrap the new medicines I was going to try for the uc and ee.

I’m pretty upset about this because school starts in about a month.  I’m supposed to move into my apartment in three weeks and classes start the week after that.  This semester is really important, because not only did I plan on taking 22 credits, I need to start preparing seriously for my recital.  However, my normal day now consists of waking up tired, walking down the stairs, resting on the couch for up to an hour because the walk made me tired, eating even though I don’t want to, reading or watching TV, taking a three hour nap, eating, maybe trying to go for a walk, and then going to bed feeling exhausted.

Obviously this lifestyle will not float on a school day, but there’s nothing I can do about it – the doctors told me to “rest’.  So I have three weeks to get completely better and no treatments available.  This is majorly stressing me out.

 People are starting to pressure me to take the semester off, but I really can’t afford that because I would lose my apartment and it might affect my scholarship.  Also, I am SO BORED of just sitting at home doing nothing!  I want to have friends again and things to do.

In other news, my family got confused about the seasons this week because all of our pumpkins from the garden were ready, and my mom decided to bake chocolate peppermint cookies.  They weren’t gluten free but they were really pretty, and I thought they would cheer up this angry post a bit.

Also, now that I have mono I can’t go help out the Crossmen for the last week of their tour like I’d been planning on.  I feel like such a disappointment.

This isn’t a cookie, but I made honey turkey legs with potatoes and tomatos and they turned out quite good!

This isn’t a cookie either; it’s a headdress Lilly made at camp. We think it’s pretty cool and Nick has already claimed it for Halloween.

















And finally, the cutest flowers I have ever received, from my teacher Tony. He’s so sweet! This really made one of my terrible days a lot smilier.