I had my third doctor’s appoinment on Tuesday, this time with my allergist.  She’s a very nice lady who very strangely has a lot of pictures on her desk of people that I swear I know. It was like really weird deja vu.  After pricking me a hundred times, they decided that I’m allergic to all trees, grass, ragweed, dust (all things I knew), and …….. cats.  I had a HUGE hive on the cats prick, which is weird because I’ve definitely been around cats with no adverse effects.  (To prove it, Thursday, when I was at my BFF Kayla’s house, I practically cuddled with her cat and nothing happened.  So I’m skeptical.)

The rest of the results were determined inconclusive, so I have to go back three times next week, so they can glue disks of food allergens to my body for 48 hours and see if I break out, I guess. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

UPDATE:   The patch testing was pretty awful because I couldn’t sleep on my back or shower or sweat for 3 days, and, of course, it was inconclusive.  Just my luck.


In other news, dad and I are stripping wall paper in his living room and are now experts.  It only took us about 5 hours to really get the hang of it.  Up next we’re sanding and painting.  Dad doesn’t know this yet but after that I’m redecorating – he put tigerwood flooring down himself a couple years ago, which is cool, but doesn’t go with any of his 25 year old brown la-z-boys.  So I’m going to get a nice throw rug and convince him to buy a couch that’s not completely hideous.

Yes. Of all the tigerwood patterns out there, he chose this one. For our living room floor.

Our whole house is REALLY UGLY, so this is going to be a big project and take forever, but that’s ok.  Dad’s been talking about moving to Texas in four years when Nick is done with his undergrad, and it’s going to take me about four years to get his house in any condition to sell.  It doesn’t help that about once a year, Dad will do something crazy, like pain the foyer bright yellow.  You’re thinking, it’s probably not that bright, but really it is. It was the brightest yellow paint he could find at home depot. A lady from our church walked into our house and said “It’s like a slap in the face!”  Pretty accurate.  To make it worse, he bordered it with bright orange and Hershey’s chocolate brown.  So our house looks like a Charlie Brown theme park when you walk in.  I see that you don’t believe me so I’ll post a picture soon.