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I did a lot of things this weekend!  Since I love lists, I’ll make one about it.

1.  On Saturday, I saw Pixar’s Brave with Lilly, Nick, and 3 of Lilly’s cute friends from school.  It was excellent!  It was cute and funny and scary and paced perfectly.  Even Nick liked it!  The music and graphics were great and all the characters were so lovable.   We’re making my mom buy that one on DVD when it comes out!  Afterwards, we all went to Uno’s for pizza and cupcakes (I had shrimp).


2. My mom and I went to Pier One Imports after Lilly’s party to avoid hanging out with a bunch of hyper 11-year-olds to look for stuff for my apartment next year.  We got some really cute ideas for shelving and wall coverage (I hate white walls), and bought some cute curtains!  They have elephants on them, and I love them.  Now I just need to find bedding that I like to go with them, which has so far proved impossible (I am extremely picky about interior decorating).


2.  Erin and I went to Maiwand Kabob, the best Afghan restaurant in Columbia, for dinner on Sunday. I’ve kind of made it my mission to introduce all my friends to Maiwand Kabob – it’s just too good! It was really nice to see Erin and catch up in person, even though I pretty much talked her ear off the whole time.

3. I played Frisbee for an hour with my dad Sunday evening at Blandair park. We had so much fun – I was pretty bad but it turns out that I’m actually just a right handed frisbee thrower, even though I catch (and do everything else) left handed.  Our game improved significantly when I figured that out.  Dad is really good, so we got a pretty good workout running all over the soccer field.

4.  Monday morning, instead of reading for class, I read The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.  If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it – it’s short, and you can probably read it in about 2 or 3 hours.  It kind of made me sad because it made me remember all the things I hated about middle and high school, and in retrospect I was (and still am) so much like Charlie.  It’s so entrancing, though, that you can’t hate it.  Everyone go buy a copy.  Incidentally, the movie is coming out this year, and it’s directed by the author.  And Emma Watson is Sam.  So it’ll probably be worth seeing.


5.  Nick and I won tickets from the Baltimore Sun to see the premier of The Amazing Spider-man last night at 7 pm!  I loved it!  Now, I am an avid superhero fan, and I have seen the first trilogy of Spiderman numerous times, and I love all three.  But this was so great.  It was so different, and it was so nice to not see Tobey Macguire’s face in every scene.  In fact, I loved Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker.  He was adorable, and so awkward in the most perfect way.  He seemed so much more like a real teenager than Tobey ever did, and he was hilarious.  He actually reminded me a lot of Nick, and not just because he skates. He was just so goofy and not too hunky and I loved it.  Emma Stone was a different story. I’ve never liked her in a movie before, and although I didn’t hate her here, she didn’t do anything special.  She was just another shallow girlfriend, even though she was “top of her class” and “super smart” and “funny”, she didn’t really have much personality.  Her part wasn’t nearly as big or as consequential as Mary Jane’s, but I’m fine with that.  Oh yeah – the graphics.  WOW!! I saw it in 3D, which I normally think is overrated, but this was really well done.  And it was so much more emotionally fulfilling than the previous movies.  I really almost cried when… haha I won’t spoil it for you.  But really, it’s great.  I kinda wish I had seen it with a boy who wasn’t my brother, like Eric or someone, because it would definitely be a good date movie, and I kind of wanted to hold somebody’s hand the whole time.  Go see it.

So that was my weekend!  No power outages, no stress, just good times. How often do those come around?