It’s coming!  July has the potential to be a very depressing month.  I have 4 doctors appointments.  The last time I had a doctor’s appointment that didn’t bear bad news, I was in middle school.  Also, class ends, which mean I’m about to be really unproductive and bored, and when I’m bored, I sleep too much.  So, to abate those worries, I’m going to do 10 super fun things this July!

1.  Dad and I are going to start doing longer rides.  Spending time with him is my fave, if y’all haven’t noticed :]

It’s the tour de France, and we’re hyped!

2.  I’m going to cook a lot.  I’m starting to really not mind being gluten-free, but I might also have to go dairy free. 

3.  I’m going to PRACTICE!  At least an hour a day.  

4. I’m going to lose 3 pounds.  My goal is to have a BMI right in the middle of a healthy weight for my height.  If I lose 3 pounds a month I’ll be there by the time I’m 20. 

5. I’m going to hang out with Nick, Lilly, and Mom.  And play tons of games. 

6. I’m going to find a place to volunteer.  Ideas welcome!

7. I’m finally gonna learn how to swim.  I can float and tread water but I can’t actually go anywhere… 

8. I’m going to go see some drum corps showsmaybe. Done!

9. I’m going to shop and make things for my apartment. I’ need bed stuff and lamps, and I’m making a recipe box, that way I can not eat cereal three meals a day next year. 

10. I’m going to read some good books! I’m starting with Lust for Life, the biography of Vincent Van Gogh by Irving Stone.