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Nick and I are obsessed with quinoa.  We don’t know how to pronounce it but we do know that it’s delicious! Today, we went to the store and bought 5 ears of corn, extra sharp white cheddar cheese, and fresh cilantro to make a recipe for lunch that I found here, on this blog that is way cooler and more interesting than mine. 😛 Somehow, we managed to not burn the house down, as we are both terribly inadequate in the kitchen.

The author of How Sweet It Is recommends that we grill the corn before we use it.  However, we don’t even know how to start a grill. We decided that it was too complicated and would take too long, so instead we wrapped the shucked corn in foil with some olive oil, salt, and pepper, put them in the oven at 400 degrees, and turned 4 times, them every 5 minutes or so.  



While doing that, we also had to figure out if chicken broth can count for chicken stock (it can), what the difference between boiling and simmering is (we decided we don’t care), and what a saucepan actually is.  We had a 5 minute debate over this. We’re new.

so that’s a saucepan! x.x

We had a lot of fun shredding the cheese, trying to figure out how to chop cilantro, and eating the extra ingredients.

We managed not to burn the quinoa, and it looked fluffy like it was supposed to.  We added butter, cheese, and salt and pepper, stirred it up, and then stirred it into the delicious corn…

IT WAS SO GOOD!  Then, I almost ruined it, because I thought we were supposed to stir in the cilantro instead of garnishing, and I literally dumped about half a cup of cilantro in it.  Luckily Nick can read, so we took most of it out.  And it tastes just fine with a little cilantro mixed in.  Next time, we’re going to try it with chicken and walnuts.

I need to work on my photography skills!