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So I ended up having a pretty successful day yesterday – I made dinner and went biking, and even though I skimmed my reading for class i aced the quiz today.  I also finished my paper …. at 5 am.  So much for sleeping.  But it did turn out quite good so I guess it’s ok.

Today is Lilly’s 11th birthday. Since it’s a Thursday, she and Nick are at camp, I’m in class, and my mom and stepdad are at work, which mean’s Lilly’s special day is actually turning into a 3 day celebration.  Today, she opened presents from relatives and Nick and I took her to Tutti Frutti in Maple Lawn for the first time.  She loved it.  Tomorrow Mom and I are taking Lilly to get her first mani/pedi, and going to Clyde’s for dinner, and Saturday, the family and a few of Lilly’s friends are going to see Pixar’s Brave, then going to Uno’s for lunch.

Lilly is adorable :]

Nick is weird










I actually got a lot done today! I feel pretty happy about it.  Class got out a little early, so I got some work done in the Stamp, then walked a mile on the track and rowed at the gym for a while.  Nick, Lilly, and I are going to watch Mulan tonight.  We’re not biking today because it’s hot and dad didn’t feel well, so I’ll probably go out for another walk after the movie, and then go to bed early since I got a whopping two hours of sleep last night.  Dad and I are going to try for an early bike ride tomorrow, around 8.  He insists on doing at least one early ride a week for whatever reason, and they never go well – my fault.  I always fall behind and basically fall asleep in the seat, and I’m a grump in the morning.  I am such a complete night owl!   It’s so nice getting to hang out with Nick and Lilly so much.  Today, we explored a lot of old music favorites, everything from Hanson to Brad Mehldau.  I love his trio work so much! Here’s Exit Music (for a film), a wonderful Radiohead cover: