Dad and I biked 10 miles on Sunday to the neighborhood of Savage Mill. This was a great ride – the worst of the day’s heat was over, and there was nature everywhere.  We saw about 7 or 8 deer, three of which had antlers! (Dad thinks that hunting deer should be allowed, since there are soo many of them.) They were hardly afraid of us, and kept grazing even as we biked feet from them.  Someday I’ll be brave enough to take my phone biking with me, and I can take some pictures of all the cool things I see. We also biked into the Savage Mill shopping center place, where Rams Head Tavern is, to look around, but most of the antique shops were closed.

On Monday, we biked without stopping from our house in Columbia to 175. Then, we carried our bikes up a very steep drainage ditch and continued to the Long Gate Shopping Center.  Here, we decided that we would have Chipotle for dinner. One burrito bowl each and 20 minutes later, we had to bike back.  I was so full and sleepy!  Luckily for us, the way back is much easier, since it’s mostly downhill.  We made great time both ways, but needless to say we both had stomach aches after that and sat on the couch when we got home for quite a while.

We won’t be biking today because of the thunder, but I am running at least two miles tonight when I finally finish this paper!

In other news, I’m making a killing participating in paid psychology studies on campus.  Most of them are fairly quick and virtually painless. Today, I did one that asked a lot of questions about my musical background… heh heh… and then, gave me the Edwin Gordin Musical Aptitude test! For anyone from MUED311 out there reading, this was actually WAY HARDER than the one Dr. Hewitt gave us.  The passages were like 20 seconds long each.  Hopefully I passed! 😛