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Friday morning I went to Lilly’s fifth grade closing ceremony.  It was cute seeing all the kids dressed up. Nick and I made some gluten free chocolate chip cookies afterwards, which actually turned out pretty well! Way to go us 😀

On Saturday, I went on a picnic with my friend Eric. Eric’s a planner, so he made all of the food, including gluten free bread, chicken salad, and fruit salad. He let me bring dessert, so I brought the cookies.  Eric just finished basic training for the infantry, and I couldn’t be more proud of him.  He leaves on Monday for a 5-year assignment starting on Tuesday, based in Colorado.  I’m going to miss him a ton, but at least now he’ll be allowed to use his phone!

[I used to have this really cute picture of us that I was going to post from my senior prom, but I can’t find it!! boo]

Later that night, I hung out with Kayla, my first best friend.  We were roommates at Maryland last year, but now she’s an RA.  She’s one of those people who’s super busy all the time – she has three jobs, including working at an animal shelter and a farm, she volunteers a lot, and she’s going to South Africa in a few weeks to work in the wildlife reserves there.  We went to Maiwand Kabob, an Afghan place in Harper’s farm, which, if you’re gluten free, is really accommodating.  Order anything without the naan bread (or give it to a friend) and you’re good to go. It’s also fine if you’re vegetarian (Kayla is, and she gave it a thumbs up).  After that we wandered around the mall, visited Erin at Starbucks (I tried a passionfruit lemonade for the first time, Kayla stuck with her skinny vanilla latte), and went back to Kayla’s to watch a movie.  We decided on Legally Blonde, which I’d never seen… it was so good!! What have I been doing with myself?  I thought it would suck! It totally didn’t.

So that was my weekend! Today I’ll attempt to bake some gluten free bread, procrastinate on my psychology paper, due Tuesday, and bike around 6.  Ta-ta for now.