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Sunday night my family and I went to a Baltimore restaurant called Woodberry Kitchen for my mom’s birthday dinner.

Photo Credit Christopher Myers

This is my new favorite restaurant. Why?  Oh there are so many reasons…

1. As you know, I am gluten intolerant, and WK had a whole gluten free menu taken from their regular menu that the adorable waiter was happy to show me.  I’ve never been to a restaurant that makes gluten-free dining this easy and this much less scary! Also, it was so not crunchy granola, like gluten-free usually is.

2. The food was DELICIOUS! (And it is all locally grown.) The adorable waiter brought me some gluten-free cornbread, which was very moist and fresh and not at all like most gluten free bread out there. (My family assured me that their regular bread selection, which was a basket with a mix of brown, sourdough, fruit, and french breads, was equally tasty.) I had the Roseda Tavern Steak, which is a peppery pork skirt steak with fried potatos, chicory, snow peas, asparagus, turnips, and horseradish sauce. It was perfectly cooked and the perfect portion size. For dessert I had a honey macchiato, made from Baltimore honey, and the C.M.P., which is malt ice cream, chocolate sauce, marshmallow fluff, wet peanuts, although they substituted mint chocolate chip ice cream for me since I can’t eat malt. It was a lot bigger than I expected, which was good because everyone else wanted to try some! :] Other notable desserts were their homemade ice cream (try lavender if they have it), and anything that includes strawberries.  But really – anything you order from WK is going to be wonderful.

So pretty! Yumm

3. The restaurant itself is located in a refurbished old mill in Clipper Mill, Baltimore, sort of near the zoo. The whole restaurant is sort of indie hipster chic – exposed brick walls, rustic decor, uncovered, vintage style light bulbs, plaid napkins, indie waitstaff.  I could live there and be perfectly happy.

4. Remember the adorable waiter that I mentioned earlier?  Let me just say, he was gorgeous. In fact, so were all of the waiters. The uniform for the guys was flannel button downs, good fitting jeans (I am very particular about men’s jeans), and vintage looking shoes (boots, derbys, oxfords, brogues, and the like), and good looking scruff.  Very REI hipster chic.  I wanted to take all of them home with me. I love cute mountain men, and I had the cutest one.  He was blond and beautiful and very charming and attentive, and I’m very disappointed to say that I didn’t get his number (or a creeper picture).  Probably had something to do with the fact that I was sitting with my 10 year old sister. 😛

Anyway, I highly recommend this place – great for dates, friends night out, whatever. So do all of the food critics in the area.  A little pricey but it is completely worth every penny.  I can’t wait to go back!