Today, I woke up at 11:30 (I was up till 4) to find that my brother had just returned from a two hour run. TWO HOURS?!?!  I can’t believe how motivated he is… I feel like the least productive person I know. Wait a sec – I AM the least productive person I know…

Somehow I ended up with a huge amount of things to do before tomorrow morning – I actually feel pretty stressed out. It’s summer, Natalie. Chill. And stop procrastinating.

I need to:

1. clean my room and donate all my old clothes

2. bike with my dad

3. read about 100 pages for my adolescent psychology class (quiz tomorrow… whoops)

4. help my friends Andrew and Eric clean out their storage unit for three hours

5. run

6. work on the bach presto?  (this probably won’t happen)

Whyyyy do I leave things till the last minute? Whyyy can i not wake up at a decent hour :[  Whyyy am I so whiny?

Wish me luck!

Super boring psych textbook. Noooooo :[